Kill the bill

Most Celtic fans will at this stage be aware of the Fans against criminalisation campaign so I wont go into it in detail, this post is to merely showcase my support for the bitter opposition it has recieved from fans and the shear unity of this opposition in the face of the establishment. This bill allows police officers to arrest and charge fans for what they call "illicit chanting" and if found guilty they can serve prison sentences of up to 5 years. This is completely disproportionate and unjust and the tabloid media are only serving to exacerbate the situation. Fortunately there are many football fans willing to oppose the bill through protests, banners and a petition.
One of the groups that is being targeted by this bill are Celtics ULTRA's group the Green Brigade. The Green brigade were set up with, and still pursue, anti-sectarian, anti-racism and anti-fascist ideals. 
The SNP however don't appear to care about the irony of targeting this group. The SNP don't want to get down to the roots of the violence problems that they claim to oppose. Why? because its easier to arrest football fans by labeling them all as "sectarian" for singing a song than to tackle alcohal misuse and to educate the real bigots about the errors of their ways.