Follow me up to Carlow

(Em) Lift Mac Cahir Og your face,
Brooding o´er the (D) old disgrace,
That (Em) black Fitzwilliam stormed your place
And sent you (D) to the (Em) Fern
(Em) Grey said victory was sure,
Soon the firebrand (D) he´d secure
Until (Em) he met at Glenmalure,
Feach Mac (D) Hugh (Em) O´Byrne

See the swords of Glen Imayle,
Flashing o´er the English Pale
See all the children of the Gael,
Beneath O´Byrne´s banners
Rooster of the fighting stock,
Would you let a Saxon cock
Crow out upon an Irish rock,
Fly up and teach him manners

(Bm) Curse and swear Lord Kildare
(D) Feach will do what Feach will dare
(Bm) Now Fitzwilliam, have a care
(D) Fallen is your (Em) star low
(Bm)Up with halbert, out with sword
(D)On we go for by the Lord
(Bm)Feach Mac Hugh has given his word
(D)Follow me up to (Em) Carlow

From Tassagart to Clonmore,
Flows a stream of Saxon gore
Oh, great is Rory Og O' MoOre,
At sending loons to Hades
White is sick and Lane is fled,
Now for black Fitzwilliam´s head
We´ll send it over, dripping red,
To Liza and her ladies